Our Vission

Being the best student society in Turkey.


Our Missions

Individual Evolution

Aporoximation with Business World

Regional Responsibility

Spirit of Dokuz Eylül

Collaboration with International Areas



     Career and Management Society which was established between 1998-1999 at Dokuz Eylül University and all activities are performed by Dokuz Eylül University's students that is a non-profit volunteer organization.

     Career and Management Society's purpose is with counselings of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Bülent AKGERMAN and CEO of the İnci Akü Göksel PAKER and deputy dean of Dokuz Eylül University Economics and Administrative Science Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar SÜRAL ÖZER and Güloğlu Plastic Asistant General Manager Gülçin GÜLOĞLU, makes change students social and cultural and academic life so to contribute their personel development, making new and useful process at our city and university with collect the business world and academic environment.

     At last 15 years we organized some projects such as “Career Fairs”, “Disputation Congress”, NTV-Ekodiyalog programme”, “E-Week”, “ Make Your Own Brand”, “Career Summit”, “Society House”, “Leader Intelligent Management(LIDER-IM)”, “IT Summit”, “Colors of Marketing”, “Saba TÜMER ile Bugece”, “C@MPUS”, “Education Festival 1-2”, “Career and Management Society Outdoor”, “Career Festival”. Also, we organized every year and we will organize thirteenth this year “Career Congress”.

     Through what we've done so far, we selected “Most Active Second Society” in the made by Community Volunteers Foundation(Toplum Gönüllüleri) and Uniactivity(Uniaktivite) “Most active Business and Career Club” competition, at 2003 and 2006. In this competition held every year, “Career and Management Society” is the only one club outside of Istanbul on the top 10.

     As Career and Management Society cultivate qualified members for our society, cultivation qualified members for our society, prepare our graduates to business world, increasing our quality standarts every year and we complate 15 years with principle to professionalism.