Alt Takımlar

     Our society always adopted best of as a philosophy that in the work environment "how can we do better?" asking question and catching era, dynamic and looking for suitable answers that one of our units. Our society started with a vision of to be the best student society, research on this road-loving, creative, rational,together with members of understand the importance of being a team in accordance with the society's mission; they give effort and labor for thrive with the developing world, move ahead of all last time.
    Mass Media Team members are involved in magazines, newspapers and the internet as our society in any environment recognition could provide promotional opportunities to create regular newsletter published by Career and Management Society's services and perform all the activities related activities to be announced and the activities and projects of the take video and take photographs.
     Our society will take place within internal and external education in the detection of and preparation work in making Career and Management Society’s culture to new members who participate in our society that introduction and assimilate to present our members is that it receives internal education and Career and Management Society’s profile of the importance of having a better adopt is helping. Education will be team of external training, and personal development of our society members could improve their quality show in every sense of the quality of both our society to be capable of care and diligence has been working towards.
     The purpose of Culture, Art and Entertainment team is to spend less time the process of adaptation for new members, who participates in our society, with available members and to increase the motivation of whole members of our society and to create a culture,art and the entertainment area for the members’ benefit.
     Our society’s inception until today , this team keeps records of the companies that co-operate our society and it responsible to trust-based relationship with these compaines . Among the task of this team ; later in the year , our society members who participate , will provide easy access to the information system to establish , devolop and maintain . In addition , our society trip to companies in organizing and sponsoring activities helps to ensure continuity.
    Performance Management and Measurement has a big importance in our today business world . Objective evaluation of the current status of employees, improving , productivity should be increased promotions and rewards offered to employees is determined by the performance management and measurement. Performance Management and Measurement Team work to be more effective and efficient members , working with an objective assessment of metering and reporting of the current situation allows.
     The quickly development of technology, using internet and increase of the social media accounts created a new business area. People can arrive any type of information’s whit internet and communicate with each other, share their ideas to the masses with social media anymore. Corporations, pursue their activities like human resources, public relations, marketing etc with social media. The Social Media teams purpose is; that Career and Management Society can use the social media accounts professionally in the developing and changing world, bringing the society to wider segments and announce the projects and activities that the society have made faster.
     Internet and Social Media tools have removal the border between the communities and people in that way people can communicate with eachother easier. Consequently the increase of social communication has created the need of foreign language. International Relations team purpose is that communicate with international institutions and cultural exchanges with societies alike us. Another purpose is to make projects together and make a long time partnership with that institutions and societies.
     Web team’s purpose is the images which made by the projects and activities from the Career and Management Society preparation for share in our website, social media accounts and other advertising activities. Another purpose is the website from Carrier and Management Society which present us outside to care, develop and make it dynamic.