Society House



   Carrier and Management Society which began to activities in the year 1999, continued to their activities in Dokuz Eylul University Dokuzçeşmeler Campus  Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty D Block until 2007. After carried out e-week Project giving importance to institutionalize Career and Management Society needed larger activity field because of their physical needs and growing human resources. Although extended available room were not enough. Thus “Society House” studies have been initiated from the year 2005.


   Because of the developing needs the society began to research about finding another place. As a result of this research, the ruin of the gatekeeper housing that is located in the university garden and empty space in front of that house was decided to obtain permission for evaluation. The society was contacted to Dean's Office and Rectorate , as a result of protracted negotiations obtained written permissions. Currently areas of the “Society House” to the gym has given to our society.


   Some parts of this building is rotten, besides several deficiencies needed to modifications. Rotten roof and infrastructure problems were the most prominent problems. Instead of building was considered a two-storey prefabricated building, however it couldn't performed due to permission difficulties. Available financial resources have been investigated and building construction and labor costs have been calculated. At the same time the roof of the building, rotten wall and the bath where is in currently IT room has been begun to demolition and thus the necessity of buildings materials appeared. Sponsors were needed due to realized limited works with that financial resources as a student. Therewith sponsorship negotiations were initiated.


   Society's equities was used for craftsmen's fees and transport of building materials. Our adviser Mr. Bülent Akgerman supported to us especially established a connection about building materials. After the collapse of the roof of the building municipalities were interviewed for the laying of electrical cables and experts were brought. After experts researching about the building, they realized that wasn't in municipal planning due to an old structure of the building. Necessary steps have been taken in this regard.


   The wall which was rotten and separeted today's the meeting room and general using room was wrecked and then translucent glasses were located between these rooms. When the building was finished, help for the paint was asked from the school but they gave negative answer. After that sponsors helped and they found some paint. Nowadays the municipality was asked for help to arrange the garden which was used to sworm society members and make some outdoor activities. About the garden's care  the society communicated with the university but realized that area wasn't responsibility of university's  gardener. After two weeks of cleaning and transporting KYK House was opened. The members continued and developed the house. They made wooden seats to the lecture room and the seats started to use for the outside training. Internet line was installed to the society house. Air conditioner and office supplies were provided by the sponsors. Old computers were replaced with the new ones. With this  actions devoloping the KYK House was become continual. The society gained 4 rooms instead of 1 room with the opening of the society house. These rooms are board room, meeting room, general using room and information and processing room. In addition the society has a kitchen and a warehouse. The garden has an amphitheatre  and it is used for outdoor activity.


   Having an exceptional building obtains many advantages especially for constant institutionalition as a student society. In those rooms two bottom teams may have meeting in seperate rooms as the board may have another meeting. The generel using room's activities has reached the capacity which are continued without any stoppage. So, too many Project were speeded up comminication between society members was increased and finally institutionalition was become fact. The KYK was become Turkey's most important student society. This achievement belongs to our entire society members. Devoloping the society house is continued every terms like old times. From the begining to these days the society house requiements provide by the sponsor is shown us that the members Works how self-sacrificing and professional.