Our Quality Policy


     The Career and Management Society targets being in the front rank at all times with its policy and strategies. This target is performed with any activity ensured by the creative and autonomous thoughts in determination of the society policies. 

    There are the members and consultants of it considered as the most worth resource in the base of the success of the Career and Management Society. This success is made by treatments of the members of the Career and Management Society, having high quality of knowledge with the interior and exterior trainings, adopted the creativity principles, honest, broadminded, perceiving the expectations of the students of Dokuz Eylül University aimed at the need and service quality in the conscious of a team member.

     We have to be one more ahead of our competitors at all times while progressing to our targets with strong steps and to develop the new plans and projects by perceiving the developments related to the economy and the business world before our competitors did, to be in effort to seek 'the best one' at all times and to review the ways of us to make business at all times, to act with the business partnership principle in every business and firm relations performed by us, to treat with approach that we are the representative of the image of the Career and Management Society in every relationship and environment where we are in and have.  

     The members of the Career and Management Society carries the Career and Management Society to the future in order to make it the best student society in direction of these approaches.