Our Firsts and Differences


We are the first student society that has institutional identity result of working systematic between Dokuz Eylül University student society, coordinatinor and undercarriage.

We are the first student society that has a “Society House”.

We are the first society that arranges international organization which is  “Make Your Own Brand” in Dokuz Eylül University.

“Saba Tümer ile Bu Gece”  tv show is executed for the first time out of the studio by Career and Management Society  at İzmir Sabancı Culture Palace in 2008.

We are the society that achieve project,events, conversation etc. at most every year.

We won the “Most Active 2nd Society” award as “Job and Career”society two times which is realized by “Uniactivity and Society Volunteers Foundation” in 2002-2003 and 2005-2006.

We are the society that can manage technologic and social needs by ourselves.

The Project of LIDER-IM (Leader-Intelligent Management) take place as a third in the most entrepreneur Project of Turkey in 2009.

We found our internal management systyem which is “e-kyk” that it has been using for 7 years. We are able to manage our society wherever we want.

“Quality Circle” is the first for student societies in Turkey that has been created actively in our society since 2009